Health Investment & Finance

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The following summarizes some standard learning offerings on health investment and financing topics.




The Global Business School Network (GBSN) is a public-private partnership aimed at strengthening the skills of managers in emerging markets by expanding and enhancing opportunities for management education and training.

All Business Schools is a comprehensive online directory of accredited MBA programs and business career resources.


The New York Institute of Finance (owned by Pearson and its subsidiaries, including the Financial Times) provides a wide range of courses on financial services and other topics of interest to investors.

The SEC Institute is dedicated to helping public companies in the US and abroad meet the filing requirements of the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Each year, the International Health Economics Association iHEA has a major global conferernce.


Health Financing in Development


The Emerging Markets Private Equity Fundraising Master Class by EMPEA and the Down Jones Private Equity Analyst Conference are designed to facilitate networking opportunities and dialogue between fund managers from all parts of the private equity industry.

The following list provides some other useful links for training on investing in stocks and other securities.